My Name is Mike, and I was borne 1964 in the South of Germany near Munich

Since I was four Years old I`m sailing, first with small Boats called "Optimist" later in School and Highschool.

Later in Highschool we have the Chance to learn, how to build a Boat, and also the Differenz between the Materials Wood, GFK and Steel.

In our School there was an included Sailing Club, so I have no break....

As an Buissnes Man later, I can buy my first own small Sailing Boat 25 Feet, in 1999 Since a few Years as an Freelancer in Computer Buissnes I found the Dufour during Holidays in Croatia.

The Dufour was an old Lady and I spend a lot of Time and Money to bring her in the Future, but since 2006

I live on her and we sail together the Med Sea.